a more profound pond (evitably) wrote,
a more profound pond

A few days ago I've looked through my gdocs in an attempt to organize it, and found the following:

1) 3 drafts for dc_everafter; the one I ended up posting was "Out of the Sun", which was the fourth version.
- 1 dismissed because it was heading down the road of John/Castiel
- 1 dismissed because it was heading down the road of Sam/Castiel
- 1 dismissed because it was really, really bad.

2) An unfinished blindfold fill. Created on Jan 24 2011. Still unfinished - will try to get it done before 2013!

3) A start for a fic that doesn't make any sense, but I think it was supposed to be the start of a Sam/Castiel fic.

In other words, I've caught the spring cleaning bug with a slight delay.

How are you, flist? :) Is there anything interesting going on in your life?

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